Apple is reportedly working on a cheaper mixed reality headset

According to Bloomberg and The Information, Apple is already working on a lower-cost version of its yet-to-be-announced mixed reality headgear. According to prior sources, the long-rumored mixed reality gadget would cost approximately $3,000, which is more than double the price of the Quest Pro headset system, which was introduced last year. Apple’s developers are apparently working on a more affordable version, similar to the Quest Pro, and are already debating techniques to attain that aim, such as: B. the use of less expensive components.

While the flagship will feature integrated 4K monitors for each eye, the less expensive model will most likely have lower-resolution displays. Engineers at the business are also contemplating utilizing fewer cameras and slower CPUs, which would minimize the need for internal fans. For the less expensive headset, Apple may need users to manually change their range of view rather than equipping it with a motor that can do so automatically. It might chose not to include its unique H2 wireless chip in the gadget, allowing it to operate better with AirPods as well. According to a Bloomberg report published earlier this month, the tech giant is building its own Bluetooth and WiFi chip to replace Broadcom’s by 2025. According to the report, Apple may also opt to deploy an internal chip to prevent a third-party corporation from influencing the device’s cost.

According to the insiders, the cheaper mixed reality headset is still in its early stages, and Apple has yet to produce a functioning prototype. According to Bloomberg, the majority of Apple’s 1,000-person Technology Development Group is working on the two headsets, which might be released next year or in 2025. However, as a result of this dual-device approach, Apple is said to be putting lightweight augmented reality glasses on hold. The company’s original ambition was to develop AR glasses that may eventually replace the iPhone, but it has since cut back its efforts on the project. It is now uncertain if the AR glasses will ever be available for purchase.

According to Bloomberg, Apple’s flagship mixed reality headset will be publicly announced this spring, ahead of WWDC in June.

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