Apple TV expects you to have an iPhone to accept the new iCloud Terms of Service

Today’s viral tweet exposes a slightly vexing aspect of the Apple TV software. Since a recent software update, tvOS requires users to have access to an iPhone or iPad in order to approve updated iCloud terms of service or change their Apple ID settings, for example.

While the majority of Apple TV 4K users are firmly ingrained in the Apple ecosystem, this is not the case for everyone. Until recently, the Apple TV could be operated completely independently. It was supposed that it was an independent gadget rather than an attachment. Not so much any longer. Furthermore, these changes will disappoint Apple TV consumers who possess Macs but no personal iOS devices.

The Apple TV may be used without any other Apple gear. You may totally configure the Apple TV, add applications, and make purchases on your own. If necessary, standard Apple ID management chores can be completed on a PC using a web browser.

However, there are specific chores that Apple TV wants you to complete on an iOS device signed in with the same account, which appear to be more prevalent than ever since tvOS 16.

Accepting updated iCloud Terms of Service needs an iOS device, as demonstrated by this Viral tweet from @hugelgupf.

Instead of letting consumers to read and approve the revised conditions on the Apple TV itself, the box instructs them to use an iOS device. In particular, an iOS device running iOS 16 or later.

Aside from alienating consumers who don’t own any other Apple products, the minimum operating system requirement implies that someone who has a new Apple TV but an older iPad, for example, will be stuck.

A similar notification may appear, requesting that customers bring their iPhone close to the Apple TV to update their Apple ID settings.

These prompts can be temporarily hidden in any situation. However, they frequently reoccur unless addressed. Some system functionalities may be unavailable until the issue is rectified. However, if you don’t have an iPhone or iPad with the newest operating system, there’s no way to accomplish it.

Because of these hurdles, the Apple TV can no longer be regarded a standalone device, despite the fact that a non-zero fraction of users have done so for many years.

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