In Pictures: Everything you need to know about National Geographic’s first NFT series

To commemorate its 135th anniversary, National Geographic is introducing its first Non-fungible Token (NFT) series. To present the collection, the documentary channel collaborates with the Snowcrash NFT platform.

National Geographic was the most recent big player to enter the NFT market.

The GM: Daybreak Around the World collection goes on immediate blind sale today, with the NFTs following later. A blind sale occurs when a person purchases an NFT without knowing which collection it will come from. Blind selling is used by developers to have fun while still ensuring fairness.

The initiative heralds a “new beginning of exploration,” with web3 tales expanding and expanding the vision to showcase the beauties of our globe.

Mornings Daybreak around the World (GM)

According to National Geographic, the NFT series highlights the organization’s commitment to pushing the limits of narrative, accessibility, and diversity over the next 135 years while also empowering artists and photographers through their platform.

At Mornings Daybreak, 16 creative photographers from around the world give their best wishes to the world. National Geographic will restrict the collection to photographs taken at various locales at dawn.

Kris Graves, Reuben Wu, Ioulex (a photo artist duo Julia Koteliansky and Alexander Kerr), Cath Simard, Delphine Diallo, Cristina Mittermeier, Yagazie Emezi, Jimmy Chin, Michael Yamashita, Ben Strauss, Tara Workman, John Knopf, Mia Forrest, Aaron Huey, Renan Hozturk, and Justin Arvesano are among the sixteen photographers.

Each shot taken by the photographers is published in a total of 118 issues dating back to 1888, the year National Geographic was founded.

“It’s every photographer’s goal to shoot for National Geographic, and it’s wonderful that I can now promote my photography and artwork through NatGeo thanks to blockchain and NFTs,” said artist Justin Aversano.

Justin Arvesano – Good Morning from Mount Sinai.

The NFT collection will be minted on the Polygon blockchain, with each NFT valued at 215 MATIC, or roughly $200. National Geographic picked blockchain because of its dedication to sustainability, scalability, speed, and compatibility with the Ethereum infrastructure.

Create an account with Snowcrash, validate your KYC (Know Your Customer) data, and load your wallet with at least 215 MATIC to mint your NFT as a Genesis holder.

Users of Snowcrash can use any Polygon-compatible wallet, such as Coinbase or Metamask. Those in need of assistance may simply utilize one of the platforms given, which also accepts credit and debit card payments.

National Geographic has planned primary sales to begin today, followed by secondary sales 48 hours after the collection closes out or after the original sale.

NFTs will be released 48 hours from the start of minting or 5 hours after the collection has sold out. You may buy as many NFTs as you like with either promotion.

Following the sales, the Snowcrash platform will include a secondary market where holders may list or buy more NFTs from the collection.

National Geographic announced its intention to continue developing Web3 experiences in order to provide a new generation of artists with fascinating stories.

Photographs from the Edition NFT

Michael Yamashita’s Hallelujah Sunshine NFT is a moving object, similar to a GIF. Here are the NFTs picked by the creators for National Geographic’s Limited Edition. The photos do not accurately depict the NFTs’ dimensions.

Jimmy Chin’s Cerro Gates at Sunrise

Delphine Diallo’s Rebellion

Reuben Wu’s New Dawn Fades.

John Button’s ‘gm’ is a work by John Button.

Ben Strauss’ Pursuit of Equilibrium #16.

Ioulex’s time is 7:04:05.

Yagazie Emezi’s We Are Light.

Aaron Huey’s Sunrise in the Void.

Mia Forrest’s Flanksia in Motion.

Michael Yamashita’s Hallelujah Sunshine.

Kris Graves’ Berry Creek.

Cristina Mittermeier’s Good Morning Turtle.

Cath Simard’s Indelebile is a work of art.

Renan Ozturk’s Everest Sunrise.

Tara Workman wrote Rise & Shine.

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