Rumor: Samsung plans to increase Galaxy S23 prices by $100 or more

The Galaxy S23 series is slated to debut on February 1st with significant advancements, but it appears that these will come at a cost. According to new pricing information, Samsung is planning a big price increase for the Galaxy S23.

Samsung’s flagship phone price structure has altered a few times in previous years. The 2019 Galaxy S10 series was priced at $899, while the Galaxy S20 series was priced at $999. The exceedingly low sales performance of the Galaxy S20 series, along with the considerably greater performance of the Galaxy S20 FE, forced Samsung to dramatically reduce the price of the Galaxy S21.

The Galaxy S21 family was reduced by $200 across the board when it was released in early 2021. The Galaxy S21 retailed for $799, the S21+ for $999, and the S21 Ultra for $1,199. Despite major camera advancements on the S22 and S22+, as well as Note specifications on the S22 Ultra, the Galaxy S22 series maintained equal pricing. The Galaxy S22 Ultra was also a major hit for the firm.

Samsung appears to be partially reversing the pricing decreases for the Galaxy S23.

9to5 has obtained price information for the Galaxy S23 series in Australia. According to Google, the basic Galaxy S23 128GB will cost AUS$1,350. The 256GB model would thus be priced at $1,450, the Galaxy S23+ at $1,650, and the Galaxy S23 Ultra at $1,950. The Galaxy S22 series, on the other hand, costs $1,249, $1,549, and $1,849.

According to this, Samsung is expected to raise the Galaxy S23’s starting price by at least $100.

When these prices are converted to US currency, we get a basic price of about $940 for the Galaxy S23 (if a 128GB model is released in the US, which seems improbable), $1,149 for the Galaxy S23+, and $1,358 for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Direct price conversions like these seldom give the whole story, but it appears that some areas might experience a $200 price increase. That appears to be the case in the United States, since the Australian pricing we’re seeing are for devices without mmWave 5G, which is a carrier need for US devices and has been known to push higher prices.

Of course, it should be remembered that in most cases, Samsung increases the basic memory of these devices to 256 GB. A memory upgrade for the Galaxy S22 series costs an additional $100 in the United States.

Reservations (no commitment) for the Galaxy S23 series are now available, with an extra credit of up to $100, which may soften the blow of a price increase.

9to5Google’s take

It couldn’t have come at a worse moment for Samsung to raise pricing on the Galaxy S23 series.

Based on the leaks thus far, the Galaxy S23 series seems to be minor enhancements at best. A new chip, a new camera for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, and satellite connectivity check all the boxes, and it’s difficult to deny that the extra $100 is justified.

On the other hand, this circumstance mirrors what occurred in 2020 to some extent. Much of the globe is now worried about the economy, and many customers are hesitant to make unnecessary purchases.

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With a Galaxy S23 possibly costing more than its predecessor and offering little upgrades, it’s a difficult sell – especially considering that Samsung continues to promote software update rules that make last year’s phone all the more enticing to buy. Even with increased storage, greater entry fees might be detrimental to Samsung’s latest and finest.

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