Salesforce’s Marc Benioff joked, “Did I miss something?” after arriving late for a meeting the day after the mass layoffs were announced, the report said

Marc Benioff delivers a speech at the TIME100 Next Gala in October 2022. TIME/Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

The day after the layoffs were announced, Marc Benioff arrived 15 minutes late for a company-wide meeting.

“Did I overlook something?” According to the Times of London, Benioff inquired about the call’s late start.

Salesforce co-founder Parker Harris already apologized for the meeting’s delay, according to Insider.

On Jan. 5, Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff came more than 15 minutes late for a company-wide meeting, a day after the business announced it would lay off nearly 10% of its worldwide employees.

According to Ashley Stewart and Ellen Thomas of Insider, Benioff arrived roughly 18 minutes late for the meeting, which was planned for Thursday, January 5, at 10:00 a.m. PT.

According to The Times of London, Benioff quipped upon entering at the conference, “Did I miss something?”

According to Insider, when Salesforce co-founder Parker Harris apologized for starting the meeting late, Benioff said, “Are we late?”

According to one interviewee, “we knew more [layoffs] were coming, so we were all there to check if we would still have employment.”

“It was just unacceptable,” they continued. “The employees were furious.”

Insider previously reported that Benioff equated the layoffs to death, and that employees were enraged when he dodged questions during a town hall meeting.

Insider stated that Benioff also chastised staff for leaking communications to the press and sent a YouTube video to a joke about a “circle of trust” from the 2004 comedy Meet the Fockers.

Salesforce has already declared that it will lay off 10% of its workers. Although no specific number of employees were laid off, according to the Salesforce website, there were over 79,000 employees globally as of December 2022, implying that the layoffs are likely to affect nearly 8,000 individuals.

It happened in the midst of a wave of layoffs in the sector, with Amazon, Meta, and Twitter among the businesses that have reduced their workforces in recent months. Each day throughout the first 15 days of this year, an average of 1,600 technicians were laid off.

“As our revenues surged from the epidemic, we employed too many people, which contributed to this economic slowdown that we are currently suffering,” Benioff said in an email to workers.

According to reports, the corporation is also considering laying off an extra 10% of its staff dependent on financial ability.

Salesforce has spent more than $50 billion on acquisitions since 2018, including $27.7 billion in 2021 on the loss-making messaging company Slack. Stewart Butterfield, Slack’s co-founder, and two other executives then departed the firm.

Salesforce did not immediately react to Insider’s request for comments issued after business hours in the United States.

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