This set of popular wireless chargers is on sale at Amazon: “Best bang for your buck”

Anker Wireless Charger, 2 Pack is 24% off. Images courtesy of Amazon.

Reduced tech cords are a simple way to make a huge difference in your house or business if decluttering is high on your list of priorities for 2023. Wireless chargers with a handy design that substitutes unsightly charging wires and cords can be beneficial.

If you’re seeking for a more elegant alternative, the Anker Wireless Charger, 2 Pack is now available on Amazon Canada.

The cost of this service is included in the pricing. Continue reading to see why consumers have labelled these chargers a “game changer” in terms of charging.

Anker 2-Pack Wireless Charger. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Amazon charges $34 $45 for this item.

These charging stands, with their elegant, compact appearance, are an excellent complement to your workplace or bedroom table. They employ a 10W design to charge your device faster and are compatible with iPhone, Samsung, and other devices.

To begin charging, just connect it into your laptop or a USB outlet and lay your Qi-enabled gadget on top. It also works if your smartphone is protected by a case, however the manufacturer advises cases that are less than 5mm thick for optimal results.

This charging station can be used with devices in either portrait or landscape position for increased convenience, so you never miss a minute when viewing your favourite movies, programs, or videos.

‘No more plug-fighting.’

These Anker charging stations are popular among Amazon customers, with almost 14,000 five-star ratings and an average rating of 4.5 stars.

Reviewers have stated that these chargers are “extremely simple to use” and provide “the best value for your buck,” especially because each order includes two chargers.

The phrase “Have you ever considered…” “I have no issues,” said one reviewer.

Anker 2-Pack Wireless Charger. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Buyers report that this charger “works really well and charges rapidly” with their cellphones, which include popular iPhone and Samsung models.

These chargers do not include outlets, only two USB-A to Micro-USB charging cables, which some purchasers have described as “outdated.”


When compared to similar wireless charging pads that may cost upwards of $50, this pair of Anker charging stands is an amazing steal – however Amazon customers believe it still does the job better than the more expensive options.

This charger is both small and powerful, making it ideal for putting on your desk or bedroom table. If you’re thinking about adding these chargers to your next Amazon buy, you might want to include a wall outlet to go with them.

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