You can now bid on Twitter’s bird statue

If you’re searching for a bold centrepiece for your lounge or living area, then a statue of Twitter’s signature bird motif may be exactly the thing.

The social network corporation is auctioning off the bird monument, as well as a slew of other items, from its offices in San Francisco.

Elon Musk has made it a mission to simplify the firm after purchasing Twitter in October 2022, cutting off roughly half of the workforce and taking other moves like as discontinuing complimentary dinners for the remaining employees.

The auction features 631 pieces and includes conventional office furniture such as seats (a plethora of chairs), desks, and shelves. It closes late Wednesday.

However, there are other Twitter-specific artifacts on the auction block, including the aforementioned bird statue (current bid: $16,000), a neon-lit Twitter bird display ($17,500), and a “@” sculptural planter ($6,250).

The Twitter bird exhibit with neon lights will be auctioned. Twitter/HGP

There is also a substantial amount of office equipment. Many laser projectors, for example, have a starting price of around $1,300 USD. Other items include 55-inch Google Jamboard whiteboard displays ($600), 58 Apple MagSafe power adapters ($2,200), and a soundproof office phone booth ($3,700), which is ideal for noisy environments. However, there is no trace of the sink Musk brought to Twitter headquarters just before finalizing the acquisition last year.

With the complimentary meals gone, the kitchen has been cleared out, with associated lots featuring, among other things, a Unic Tango automated espresso maker ($3,3000), a CoolShack Electric Smoker ($650), a steam-jacketed tilting kettle ($1,050), and a Montague gas deck pizza oven ($2,600).

There are also 46 boxes of KN95 protection masks for sale (current bid: $300).

When the auction was launched by Heritage Global Partners last month, spokesperson Nick Dove said it was no effort to recuperate part of the cost of Musk’s $44 billion acquisition.

“Anyone who believes the revenues from selling a few laptops and chairs would pay for that mountain there is a fool,” Dove remarked.

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