You may need a new PC to play Forspoken properly

Leaving was marketed from the start as a technological showpiece for the PS5 and PC, with the latest SSD game load speeds and AI upscaling capabilities. However, it has not yet been determined how much power the “magic parkour” game would necessitate. Square Enix has officially revealed the PC system requirements, and I’m honestly not sure if my mid-range gaming setup is up to the task.

the bare minimum To play this game at 720p quality at 30 frames per second, you’ll need a 3.7GHz Core i7 CPU or greater, 16GB of RAM, and 150GB of hard drive space.

The PC system requirements for leaving… Begin with 720p 30fps. That’s a low figure. Photographer: Sean Hollister / The Verge

The recommended specifications are 24GB of RAM, an RTX 3070 or higher, and an SSD—but you can only play at 30 frames per second.

Square Enix and Luminous Productions recommend upgrading to an RX 6800 XT or RTX 4080 with 32GB of RAM, an NVMe SSD, and a relatively modern enthusiast-class CPU if you want 4K resolution and/or 60fps.

I have an RTX 3060 Ti in my computer and I don’t like the way that the current GPUs are taking, so I’ll probably play it on PS5 – however since the previous free PS5 demo, it appears that I might be able to play this one as well. On the platform, expect 30 to 40 frames per second. It’s unclear whether the game is badly optimized for PC – but it’s worth mentioning that it runs on the developer’s own Luminous Engine, rather than the Unreal Engine, albeit it’s slightly tainted with the old UE5 tech demo.

Even if you don’t intend to upgrade your gaming setup before departing, consider going with 32GB of RAM. Games are starting to demand 32GB, while DDR4 costs are at an all-time low. I was just looking at various popular 32GB kits, and it appears that you could easily acquire a 2 x 16GB for $110 or less.

If you couldn’t see all of the system requirements in the image, they are listed below in bullet form:

Recommended (1440p 30fps) (1440p 30fps)

You will also require Windows 10 or Windows 11.

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