Your iPhone has a new Siri voice command that you should know

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Siri allows you to do a lot with your voice. You can perform simple things like make a phone call or obtain directions, but you can also do more difficult things like get all the movie showings at your local theatre. And none of it requires you to use your hands at all.

Apple is always introducing new instructions to Siri, and with the somewhat more recent release of iOS 16, one specific innovation has piqued my interest.

Finally, you can restart your iPhone using your voice.

When I discover a software issue with my iPhone, such as applications shutting automatically, a slow operating system, or unresponsive features, I reset my device in the hopes that these faults would be resolved. And it frequently does.

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However, the only method to restart my iPhone is to switch it off and on again or to force it to restart. Both techniques involve the use of my hands and several processes, but iOS 16 makes it so much easier. If you’re having problems and need to restart your device, here’s how you can accomplish it with just your voice.

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This easy voice command will restart your iPhone

As long as you have the “Hey Siri” function active and are always waiting for the two-letter command, you may say the following to restart your iPhone:

  • First, say “Hello Siri” to activate Siri.
  • Then, say “Restart iPhone.”
  • Finally, should we respond “Yes” when Siri asks for confirmation?

After that, your iPhone will restart. To unlock your screen, you must enter your passcode.

You may also confirm by tapping Start afresh.

CNET/Nelson Aguilar

This new functionality is also available for iPad, however you must be running at least iPadOS 16.1.

If you do not have “Hey Siri” enabled, go to Settings > Siri & Search and enable Listen for “Hey Siri.” If you don’t want your iPhone to be continually waiting for that instruction, you may activate Siri by pushing and holding the side button for a second, albeit this eliminates the entire hands-free part of restarting your iPhone.

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